You do very good work Gerry.

— Judy Gale Roberts

I had the pleasure of examining several of Gerry’s intarsia projects. He is a meticulous woodworker who focuses on the smallest detail of his art. He believes in quality craftmanship and all his work is based on that principle. P.S. Also a proud owner.

— Ray P.

Your intarsia is fantastic, love your choice of wood and sanding.

— Kathy Wise

I’ve seen intarsia before but never of this quality.

— Ranger W

Call Gerry for a beautiful and creative intarsia made just for you. I love my “Smell the Flowers”.

— Julia S. 

Gerry’s work is fabulous and so precise. The two intarsia artwork projects are just beautiful; we receive a lot of positive comments from visitors to our home. The chipmunks look so real. Other intarsia we have seen don’t compare.

— Glen & Shirley H

At a recent show I was asked if I used a CNC (computer-guided laser) to cut the pieces. I indicated they were all hand cut. His comment: “Unbelievable, your intarsia is absolutely amazing.*

— Industrial Arts Teacher 

The Totem Pole is absolutely spectacular. You have created amazing pieces in the past but this one is beyond comparison. You have a remarkable talent.

— Cliff S. 

Judging by Gerry’s website, I felt confident that the Loon I ordered would be very good… but upon seeing it in person, the project was absolutely spectacular.

— Warde F. 

The Clydesdale & Colt … what a beauty. That is truly unbelievable.

— Allyson B.

Holy Moly! Your tiger intarsia is absolutely mind blowing. It is truly magnificent.

— Mike B. 

Going through your gallery, I can’t believe how beautiful your latest creation has turned out. It seems that every new intarsia depiction is more breathtaking than the last. What a talent you have. We gazed at the tiger for quite a while so we could absorb the remarkable detail.

— Mary Ellen S.