Terms and Conditions

  1. Wood Creations by Gerry will provide insurance on the goods ordered from the time of delivery to the carrier.
  2. Wood Creations by Gerry warrants that the workmanship will be performed in a good and professional manner.
  3. The Buyer acknowledges that Wood Creations by Gerry makes no warranties of the product.
  4. Wood Creations by Gerry will put in queue your order as received. Remember that these are not massed produced and a single 75-piece project may require 35-50 hours of work. Also, if the chosen pattern is not on hand and must be ordered, this will add a 3 to 4 week delay. Plan ahead.
  5. For your information, Wood Creations by Gerry shuts down for a holiday January and February every year. Plan ahead!
  6. Wood Creations by Gerry’s limit of liability for any or all losses or damages will be for the purchase price of the item.
  7. Payment in full, including shipping charges, are to be made to Wood Creations by Gerry upon placing an order.
  8. Cancellation policy: Please notify Wood Creations by Gerry if an order must be cancelled. There is an automatic $50.00 cancellation fee to cover the cost of materials and patterns purchased for the order regardless of the date of cancellation. If your project has been started and is in progress there will be no refund on all paid monies for that project for any reason. Only the shipping charges will be refunded. The only exception is that immediately upon notification of the expected delivery date, that date is deemed unacceptable should the expected delivery date be more than 60 after the order is placed.
  9. Wood Creations by Gerry will not be liable in any way for any delay or non-delivery in shipment due to transportation, labour disputes, fires, accidents, delay in receipt of patterns and other causes beyond the control of Wood Creations by Gerry.
  10. If the Buyer is from outside Canada, the Buyer will be responsible for shipping and handling fees, import or export charges (if any), as well as any federal, state or local taxes.
  11. Wood Creations by Gerry reserves the right to cancel an order if: a) the Buyer fails to pay or b) for health reasons on the part of the supplier.
  12. By accepting these terms and conditions, this constitutes a binding contract between the Buyer and Wood Creations by Gerry.