About Gerry

My sisters and I were raised on a small farm. It was well understood that following high school graduation we would attend university. Afterwards, I spent 33 years in the educational field initially as a teacher, then a school counsellor and eventually a school principal. I must thank the students in the Industrial Arts; they were the ones who introduced me to the art of intarsia in the late 1990’s. This has now been a hobby for the past 20 years. Since my hearing loss was beginning to affect my work as a counsellor and school administrator, I retired after 33 years and started a business as a framer/general contractor.

These are two of the custom homes I have built. Just as with intarsia, I loved working with wood. The love of woodworking and attention to detail necessary for intarsia were also applied to the custom homes and cottages that I have built. During construction, I was involved with the foundation, framing, roofing, masonry work, flooring and finish carpentry work. I hired sub-trades for drywall, electrical, plumbing and heating. When time permitted, intarsia was a pleasant getaway.

Time marches on and waits for no one. After 14 years of custom building, it is now time to start a new chapter. I am now devoting my time and energy to creating intarsia projects and perfecting this art.

I have now visited Roberts Studio in Tennessee four times and have taken classes under the direction of Judy Gale Roberts. Her name is synonymous with intarsia. Most of my projects come from patterns developed by Judy Gale Roberts, Kathy Wise or Garnet Hall. From the menu, please visit the section “Links” to admire some of their beautiful artwork. In the near future, I will again travel to the Roberts Studio in Tennessee to further perfect the art of intarsia. Not willing to sit idly by, I am now devoting my time to creating intarsia projects. I hope to have the opportunity to create one for you.